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Fun Games

Award Winning Beer Games for Windows PCs by Mr. Goodbeer

Free Online Games - Play Now
Careful, they may be addictive!

Beer Games for Windows PCs by Mr. Goodbeer

Post Beer Truck High Scores Here


Click to download Astrobeer
Based on the classic game "Astroids". Pilot your rocket powered beer truck through a sea of beer while eliminating kegs, six-packs, bottles, and cops throwing donuts!

Download Now 1.01 MB

Beer Truck

Click to download Beer Truck
If you are going to drink and drive, do it at home on the computer and drive a beer truck!

You just stole a beer truck! Drive the beer truck over the road, avoiding the cars and cops. Stay inside the screen. You will need to collect the beer kegs or you will run out of gas.

"In Heaven There Is No Beer" MIDI file created by Tom Brusky

Download version 1.1 now - 1.05 MB

Click to buy - My other car is a beer truck!


Click to download Yeastman
A traditional game like pacman. The goal of this game is to get all the sweet wort (dots) by eating them with your yeast cells (pacman). Bad bacteria try to eat you so you should avoid them. The kegs of beer will help you. When you eat a keg the bacteria temporarily become afraid and can be chased for points. Also sometimes a bonus beer bottle appears. Get the highest score and don't be eaten. If the bacteria take over the yeast cells, the beer is ruined!

Download Now - 1.06 MB

As Seen On . . . . . .
The July 10, 2002 episode of TechTV's (now G4techTV) "The Screen Savers" (now "Attack of the Show") featured Beer Truck in Martin Sargent's "Twisted List: Top Five Free Arcade Games" (full story here). Martin Sargent had his own show on TechTV titled "Unscrewed"
beertruck game beer truck game

Awards Won

(All three games have won numerous awards!)

These games are Beerware

If you like our games, buy us a beer, six-pack, case, or keg (in your currency) by clicking the donate button.
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Astrobeer PAD File . . . BeerTruck PAD File . . . Yeastman PAD File