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In the Spring of 2000, Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis will reprise their roles as the intellectually challenged brothers in flannel, Bob & Doug McKenzie.

Home Brew is a long-awaited sequel to MGM's 1983 release, Strange Brew, which was Canada's highest grossing box-office film of the year, and a surprise party hit in the United States. Currently, Blockbuster Video recognizes the film as an evergreen title, that is continually rented, and MGM is preparing a large campaign to re-release the film on video and DVD.

In the new story line, Bob & Doug return as luckless garbage men who team-up with a group of their inspirationally impaired buddies to launch their own microbrewery. These unsophisticated business novices invest all their money, sacrifice their relationships, and end up losing everything in a humorous attempt to grab the entrepreneurial ring.

The chemistry of Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis, as Bob & Doug McKenzie, has earned four Emmy nominations (including the win), a Gold Record, a quadruple platinum album, a Grammy nomination, and two Juneau Awards. In Home Brew, Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis will be joined by Dan Aykroyd, who will portray Rick Ripple, the slick fast talking insurance salesman and mastermind of the get rich quick plot. Principal photography will begin on July 19, 1999 in Toronto.

Update - March 2003 - "Home Brew" permanently laid to rest.

Update - June 2002 - This has not been produced yet. :-(
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