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Lose Your Beer Belly

Have you been drinking too much beer? Want to go from beer belly to six pack abs?
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Low Carb Bartender
Carb Counts For Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks And More
Our beer carb calculator is acknowledged on page viii of Bob Skilnik's 'Low Carb Bartender', a 304 page book including carb counts for more than 1,000 brand name beers, 400 brand name wines, 200 tasty low-carb drink recipes, including vodka, tequila, rum, and more.

Bob also authored 'The Drink Beer, Get Thin Diet: A Low Carbohydrate Approach', 'The History of Beer and Brewing in Chicago: 1833-1978 (Locally Brewed)', and 'The History of Beer and Brewing in Chicago: Volume II'. He is also a contributor to the 'Good Eating' section of the Chicago Tribune and is a columnist for the Low Carb Energy magazine and the News Informant. This beer friendly author has appeared on several national TV shows including ABC's 'The View' with Barbara Walters, ESPN's 'Cold Pizza Morning Show', and Fox News Live with Patti Anne Brown. Read more about Bob at and

Click here to calculate the calories and carbohydrates in your homebrew.

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