Seven Words That Will Keep Your Customers Happy
by Mike Snyder of

...and they are, "Do not send commercial emails on holidays."

This Thanksgiving I received countless commercial emails in my inbox. I did myself a favor and unsubscribed myself from many of the email lists. They were lists that I had signed up for in the past for one reason or another. Yes, I requested to be on their lists but, while giving thanks for having food on the table and having a healthy family I realized that some internet marketers do not care what day it is as long as they make a buck. Then I felt sad for them because I realized that they must not have a family because they had nothing better to do on a holiday.

Since some of the intruding marketers may not have been from the United States, they probably do not celebrate Thanksgiving or even know that it is an American holiday. For this reason I will also unsubscribe myself from any future commercial lists that send me email on holidays such as Christmas, New Year's, Easter, Labor Day, etc. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and check the time and date in the email before I send their well planned ad to the bit bucket. To clarify, I am only talking about the emails that are sent on the actual day of the holiday, not the pre holiday sales letters.

So if you are an internet marketer and you do not want to lose me (and who knows how many others) as a subscriber/customer, check your autoresponder and tweak it for the upcomming holidays.

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