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    About (

    I'm not wearing pants! MrGoodbeer is for entertainment purposes only; use the advice at your own risk. The author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the information or recommendations contained in these web site pages. Please do not attempt to brew unless you are of legal drinking age in your country.

    Mike Snyder, aka Mr. Goodbeer, was an award winning Brewmaster for 10 years from 1995 to 2005, author of Beer Inside, a collection of food recipes containing beer, and was a Certified Beer Judge for over 10 years. Mike has also been a webmaster since the early 1990's and is currently the webmaster for and many other websites.

    Mike became interested in homebrewing in 1991 after taking a two night course at a local community college (Kirkwood Community College). He actually missed one of the two nights because he was out of town on business! Mike liked what he tasted in class and started brewing extract kits at home shortly thereafter.

    The text used in the class was "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing" by Charlie Papazian. Mike highly recommends this book (now "The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing") if you are considering getting into brewing your own beer at home.

    Mike and his wife started an online mail order homebrew shop (S.P.S. Beer Stuff now closed) about a year after he started brewing. Their shop was one of about five on the internet at that time and was featured in the book "Shopping on the Internet and Beyond" by Jacylyn Easton.

    Charlie Papazian & Mike Snyder
    Mike meets Charlie at the 1998 GABF.
    Mike joined the local homebrew club and served as president for two years. In 1994 he organized and taught a six month beer judge study group to learn more about the various beer styles and prepare for the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). Gregg Smith's "The Beer Enthusiast's Guide: Tasting & Judging Brews from Around the World" was used in the class. The group started with fifteen people; six took the BJCP test and four of them passed making Mike one of the first Certified Beer Judges in Iowa.

    For 10 years Mike worked as a Reliability Engineer in the aerospace industry. Early in 1995, he became unemployed as part of a corporate down sizing. While he was unemployed, he had the chance to review "Launching a Business on the Web" by David Cook and Deborah Sellers. His review can be found on the inside cover of the book. Shortly thereafter, he accepted the position of Brewmaster for a new brewpub, Cedar Brewing Company, then created Mike and his wife closed their homebrew shop shortly after the brewpub opened in 1996 because they did not have the time to devote to both businesses and two kids. In June of 2005 Mike left Cedar Brewing to pursue other interests. started as a simple resource to help homebrewers troubleshoot their problem batches and has grown into a beer and brewing internet resource. Affiliate sales from and other advertisements on the site help defray the costs of maintaining the site. Your support allows us to keep the site free for all users and run a monthly contest. If you or your company has an affiliate program and would like to consider featuring your product(s), let us know about it. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and supporting this site. We hope you find useful and entertaining.

    Enjoy the site, come back often, and Cheers!

    Mike Snyder in the Media
    Websites Referenced:,,, and many others were designed and are maintained by Mike Snyder. If you need help setting up, designing, and/or maintaining your website, contact Mike for a quote.

    List of articles written by Mike Snyder.


    Awards Referenced:

    Professional Brewing

    2004 World Beer Championships - Chicago, IL
    Black Cobra Stout - Silver Medal
    Oatmeal Stout - Silver Medal
    Honey Porter - Silver Medal
    Red Rocket Amber Ale - Bronze Medal
    Flying Aces Ale - Bronze Medal
    2003 World Beer Championships - Chicago, IL
    Flying Aces Ale - Bronze Medal
    Black Cobra Stout - Bronze Medal
    Red Rocket Amber Ale - Bronze Medal
    Golden Hawk Wheat - Bronze Medal
    Cherry Dunkel Weisse - Bronze Medal


    Coconut Ale - Bronze Medal - 1994 Iowa State Fair
    Coconut Ale - Third Place - 1994 Dixie Cup

    Books Referenced:
    . . . Beer Inside . . . The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing . . . The Beer Enthusiast's Guide: Tasting & Judging Brews from Around the World . . . Launching a Business on the Web . . . . . .

    Mike's Certified Beer Judge Status:
    There are not many homebrew competitions in and around Iowa, therefore, Mike let his beer judge certification expire in 2004 and devoted the time and money spent to his family.

    Mike Reflects on Beer

    E-mail mike[AT] or check out the FAQ if your problem is not listed here.

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