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    Beer Flavor Symptoms

    Follow the links below to determine most probable cause and corrective action.

    • Alcoholic - Taste of alcohol evident.

    • Applelike - A green apple or cidery type of flavor also known as acetaldehyde.

    • Astringent - Dry, puckering feeling like chewing on a grape skin.

    • Bitter - Self explanitory.

    • Buttery - A butter or butterscotch like flavor also known as diacetyl.

    • Cabbage/Cooked Vegetables - Self explanitory.

    • Corn - Flavor of sweet corn also known as dimethyl sulfide (DMS).

    • Metalic - Tinny, coinlike or bloodlike.

    • Oxidized/Stale - Similar to one or more of the following.
      • Winey - Wet Cardboard - Papery - Rotten Vegetable/Pineapple - Sherry - Baby Diapers

    • Phenolic - Similar to one or more of the following.
      • Medicinal - Plastic - Electrical Fire - Listerine - Band-Aid - Smokey - Clovelike

    • Salty - Self explanitory.

    • Solventlike - Taste of acetone or laquer thinner.

    • Sour/Acidic - Sharp taste of lemon or vinegar.

    • Sweet - Self explanitory.

    • Sulfurlike - Similar to rotten eggs or burning matches.

    • Yeasty - Self explanitory.


    E-mail mike[AT] or check out the FAQ if your problem is not listed here.

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