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Homebrewed Beer & Beer in Food Recipes

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Bavarian Weizen
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Belgian Specialty Ale
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Berliner Weisse
Biere de Garde
Blonde Ale
Bohemian Pilsner
Brown Ale
California Common Beer
Classic American Pilsner
Classic Rauchbier
Cream Ale
Dark Lager
Dortmunder Export
Flanders Red Ale
Foreign Extra Stout

Fruit Beer
Grand Cru
Imperial Stout
India Pale Ale
Kolsch-Style Ale
Muenchner Helles
Northern German Pilsner
Oatmeal Stout
Old Ale
Ordinary Bitter
Other Smoked Beer
Oud Bruin
Scotch Ale
Scottish Ale
Special or Best Bitter
Strong Bitter/English Pale Ale
Vienna Lager

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