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Mr. Goodbeer's Favorite Movie is
STRANGE BREW (1983) - Bob & Doug McKenzie

Rating: out of

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Bob & Doug to the rescue!

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Strange Brew on DVD or Instant Digital Download!

Released October 1, 2002

9/23/02 - I received a note from Michael Bellavia, Chief Operating Officer of ANIMAX concerning the Strange Brew DVD. He wanted me to let Strange Brew fans know "Dave Thomas is the Creative Director of our animation studio and in addition to the film, the DVD has a special featured animated Bob & Doug segment that's a preview of an upcoming animated film."

Disney's "Brother Bear"
The commentary track is for laughs with the MacKenzie Brothers-influenced moose Rutt & Tuke (SCTV alumnus Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) having a good old time; it's a treat for adults and kids.

More Brother Bear Stuff:
Brother Bear PC Game for Windows by Disney Interactive
Brother Bear for the Game Boy Advance

Disney's Brother Bear Sing Along Songs

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