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       Cooked Vegetable or Cabbage Aroma or Flavor

    Cooked Vegetable or Cabbage Aroma or Flavor


    The cabbage or cooked vegetable aroma/flavor is caused by wort spoilage due to long lag times in chilling the wort before pitching the yeast.

    Corrective Action:

    Chill the wort quicker before pitching the yeast.

    There are many different styles of wort chillers on the market and they are easy to build at home. Read All About Beer's article on Building an Immersion Chiller.

    Another cost effective method (if you ferment in buckets) is to freeze a couple of 20 oz plastic pop bottles filled with water. Make sure to remove the labels and clean off the glue. Sanitize the outside of the frozen bottles, make sure cap is on tight, and place in the hot wort. Use a sanitized pair of tongs to carefully remove the bottles when the wort is cool.


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