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Getting Tough On Dust
Being aggressive in cleaning dust from the air in your shop doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a ton on new equipment.

Choose the system that’s right for you!

Dust collection systems are now more affordable than ever. These are among the most popular versions of dust collection systems for home shops:

1If you’re looking for a fairly powerful dust collection system, but don’t have the space or the desire to set up a fixed dust collection system, consider the #22878 JET Portable Dust Collector. It’s easily wheeled from one tool to the next and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Portable collectors use a hood near the work area to gather dust left by routing or sanding operations into a bag. It can also be hooked up to any power tool with a 4-inch port. JET Portable Dust Collector
JET Portable Dust Collector
2If you’re ready for a centralized dust collection system, the #22642 JET DC-1100 Dust Collector is a good choice that outperforms all others in its class. It is essentially a large impeller that pushes dust and chips into a 30-micron filter bag, then pushes air out through another 30-micron filter bag. Most shop vacuums are low-powered, single-stage collectors, making them a far-from-perfect choice for use with large stationary power tools.
JET DC-1100 Dust Collector
JET DC-1100 Dust Collector
3 Ever forget to open and close the blast gates? That’s a slip-up that often results in an unbalanced system, reduced performance, and actually increases dust. The Ecogate Blast Gate System eliminates this problem. It features an electronically-controlled, motorized blast gate that opens and closes automatically when your machine is turned on or off. The Ecogate Blast Gate saves you time, helps protect your health, and saves you money on energy. Included in the #24726 system are four 4-inch motorized blast gates, sensors, and a control system. Individual blast gates with cable and sensors are also available (sold separately). Ecogate Blast Gate System
Ecogate Blast Gate System
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