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Getting Tough On Dust
During their lifetime, one third of all woodworkers experience some adverse health effects from contact with wood dust.

Cleaning the Air
Cleaning the Air with #24770 JET AFS-1000 Air Filtration SystemIn fact, “dust collection” is really somewhat of a misnomer. “Dust collectors” are actually collecting mostly wood chips and particles. The dust, for the most part, winds up in the air. To protect yourself from that dangerous airborne wood dust, you either need to wear a respirator/mask or, for the highest degree of safety, use an Air Cleaner as part of your dust collection process. One of the best is the #24770 JET AFS-1000 Air Filtration System. This high-quality system features an electrostatic filter which removes 98% of all particles five microns in size. This technology also removes micro-particles of smokes, viruses, bacteria, and fine dust at the rate of 25 times more effectively than an ordinary home furnace filter. And it cleans and circulates the air in a 20 x 20 x 8 shop in under five minutes!

Fittings and Accessories:
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has everything you need to set up a complete, thorough, and efficient dust collection system.

2-Machine Dust Collector Starter Kit2-Machine Dust Collector Starter Kit - #68665
Custom build your own two-machine dust collection system! 22-piece kit includes two elbows, two Y-fittings, two metal blast gates and sixteen 4" wire hose clamps.

Y-fittings are used to service more than one machine and provide increased lateral air flow. All 4" diameter fittings are manufactured from abrasion-resistant plastic. 4" hose sold separately. Whenever using plastic hose and fittings, we recommend grounding the system to eliminate static electricity.

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