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    Space & Astronomy Related Links

    What does space and astronomy have to do with beer? Nothing really, my kids are interested in space and astronomy and I just wanted a place to put all the space links I found in one place for them to access.

    Rock Around the World - Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University
    Send your rock in to get analyzed! Here's the rock my son sent to them.

    Heavens-Above - Great site for tracking satellites. Select your city and find out when you can see the International Space Station go over! Click here to see photos I took of the ISS and Shuttle passing over our house!

    You can submit your own space photos to

    NASA Tracker

    ISS Tracker

    Interactive Sky Chart List

    Solar System Simulator

    Live video streaming across your monitor!
    Tip: Right click on video image to enlarge to a full screen view!

    SpaceRef - The ultimate online resource for students, professionals and space buffs everywhere.

    NASA Watch - A great collection of NASA related sites.

    TerraServer - Images of earth. Zoom in on your house!

    Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page

    The Planetary Society

    NASA: Mars for Educators

    Space and NASA News

    Space Education Resources

    National Archives - Space Exploration

    Stimulate Your Mind


    Dr. Michio Kaku

    In Association with

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